Your Toddler Will Love To Learn Now

Pre-Academic Skills, Self-Guided Play, And Gentle Redirection

Your Toddler Will Love To Learn Now

Pre-Academic Skills, Self-Guided Play, And Gentle Redirection

Toddlers | 1 Year - 2 Years | Serving Washington, DC

One On One Attention From Highly Experienced Teachers

One-On-One Attention From Highly Experienced Teachers

With three teachers in each classroom, including one with a degree, your child receives the personalized attention they need. With close attention and responsive care, watch your child flourish as they learn, and master new skills.

Every Essential Need Comes At No Extra Cost

Upon enrollment, your child receives three uniforms, a composition book, big crayons, pencils, a ruler, and glue to prepare your kiddo for the classroom! Teachers supply baby wipes, sunscreen, and Pampers through the national Head Start program.

Teachers Help Shape Vibrant Personalities And Positive Character

Your toddler learns how to care, share, empathize with others, and build positive relationships with their peers. Teachers gently redirect behavior by calmly speaking to your child and redirecting their actions based on specific situations.

An Introduction To Literacy Prepares Children For School

Teachers acclimatize little learners to the classroom as they listen, raise their hands to speak, and sit for circle time. They learn the basics of literacy as we read stories, practice the alphabet, and hold pencils, which also sharpens fine motor skills.

An Introduction To Literacy and Getting School Ready

A Nutritious Meal Program To Fuel Your Little One

Your child receives home-cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as healthy snacks throughout the day. Everything on the menu is entirely free from nuts, dyes, and preservatives and can be customized based on your child’s allergies or food sensitivities.

Know Your Child Is Safe And Breathe A Sigh of Relief

Teachers take all of the necessary security precautions in the center to keep your little one out of harm’s way. Doors require keycode access so that only authorized persons can enter the building. You’ll note tall privacy fences enclose our yard, and CCTV cameras are used 24/7.

Proudly Recognized As A Top Childcare Center In The State

Recognition As A Top Childcare Center Promises Excellence

The center has accreditation by the NAEYC, which measures the high quality of children’s daily experiences in early learning programs. The OSSE Capital Quality program has also rated our center in its top possible tier.

Curriculum and Unique Enrichments Build Amazing Children

Teachers make use of the Creative Curriculum® and STEAM to help your toddler grasp the basics of math, science, art, and language through self-directed play and new experiences. They also enjoy enriching activities such as yoga, dance, music, and gymnastics!

A Blended Curriculum and Unique Enrichments

Assessments To Measure Your Toddler’s Individual Development

The Ages & Stages (ASQ®-3) questionnaires that our teachers use pinpoint areas for improvement and how to serve your child’s needs better. This assessment tool is a great for determining if little ones are delayed, on time, or advanced in their learning.

Communication And Ongoing Parent Support Builds Trust

Parents receive daily updates, photos, videos, and information about your toddler through the Brightwheel© mobile app. The center also has an open-door policy that welcomes you to drop by whenever you’d like, and we host helpful parenting workshops regularly.

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